Proactive Services Matter to Us

Individual Tax Preparation and Planning

If it seems as though tax season got the best of you, perhaps we should discuss how to make it easier next year by giving it moderate attention each month or each quarter.

The remainder of the year is the best time to meet with us for a variety of reasons:

Are you trying to decide when to make major purchases or leases and how this timing may make a substantial difference to you?

Are your accounting records and bookkeeping in order? Do you need assistance before problems become unmanageable? We can help in person, by phone, or with remote system management.

Have you had a recent financial checkup? What is your plan for retirement?
Is it properly funded given the recent ups and downs of the financial markets?

Individual Tax Review

Tax reviews reveal that many individual clients would have saved substantial tax liability, or cut costs, if they had consulted with us on a regular basis. Some areas where pre-planning may generate substantial savings are:

Change in Employment Status
Purchase or Sale of Rental/Investment Real Estate
Purchase or Sale of Personal Residence
Refinancing of Real Estate Property
New Business Startup
New Business Funding
Sale of Business
IRA/Pension Plan Withdrawals
Investment/Financial Planning
Cash Management

If you are anticipating any of the above during the current or upcoming year, discussing these matters now may decrease your tax liability or save you an unpleasant surprise next year.